ITE progresses in a sensor of early detection of stress in plants

In the third year of the project, WatchPlant continues its way in the development of intelligent biohybrid organisms. Consortium efforts are becoming a to be a fact. In this sense, an interesting advance has been done by the Technological Institute of Energy (ITE), coordinator of the project.

ITE has made progress during these months in a biofuel cell and a biosensor for its future integration with the rest of the components developed in the consortium. Thus, the sap biosensor that ITE is developing will be part of a network of sensors that will make multiparameter measurements of the plant’s environment. This net of communicated sensors, will allow us to obtain information from the environment and from the plant’s physiological state to provide an early detection of the stress under unfavorable environmental conditions such as could be air quality in cities.

It is expected that ITE will have a preliminary version of this sensor after the summer. In this sense, all partners continue working on the components, integration strategies, and hypothesis validation. Specifically, a face-to-face consortium meeting held on June 28 and 29 in Warsaw (Poland), will be the next consortium meeting to continuous progress in the environmental intelligence advances using plants.