A new source of renewable energy from plants which can have a great impact not only in urban monitoring but a huge range of plant related sectors such as agro-food industry or forestry

Urban monitoring Watchplant

Urban monitoring (social aspects)

Current tools focus on levels of pollutants but not on their effect in living organisms. WatchPlant goes beyond of these evaluations by comparing these with tracers of the health of the urban vegetation, in order to supply information to protect the urban green areas, together with human health.

Agroo-food industry Watchplant

Agroo-food industry (production)

Identification of early-stage signals in plants related to the infection with pathogens or drought events between others, offering control, prevention, planning or mitigation functionalities in the smart-agriculture by the efficient use of resources.

forestry Watchplant

Forestry (ecological)

Control the effects of climate change in forests and remote areas for ecosystem management by remote sensing thanks to their eco-friendly characteristics to apply the correct policies.

A promising tool to carry out weather/pollution/pandemics development forecasting systems up to social networks for proving an ecological/environmental feedback to citizens.

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European Union’s

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101017899

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