Shared knowdlege of WatchPlant advances

WatchPlant Project starts giving results. In this 3rd year of the Project, partners can share advances. This is the case of CSIC (IDAEA), that visited IRNAS-CSIC Sevilla in december and both worked experimenting in the response of plants to the ozone effects. They got study the response of tomatoes to ozone’s effects with the sensors provided by CYBRES. They got familyar with the sensors and ozone’s gauge.

Another example of shared results was the shared knowledge that WatchPlant Team lived in the 5th meeting of the Project, that was celebrated in Stuttgart (Germany). For two days, they could analyze the advances of WatchPlant, for example the collaboration to integrate electrodes with microtechnology with the objective of extract the sap of plants, we can see in this photo with the partners ITE and KTH.