The WatchPlant project progresses for success

WatchPlant Project, on Croatian National Television

On 23 September 2021, the TV show “Prometej” aired on Croatian National Television (HRT) showing several interesting reports of scientific news in Croatia, including a report about the WATCHPLANT project. LARICS members prof. Stjepan Bogdan, Dean Martinović, Ph.D., Marijana Peti, and Marko Križmančić presented the goals of the project, its importance for the general public, and the current progress of the research.

They also talked about the most interesting parts of the project, such as the development of sensors, establishing a communication network between devices, and the novel idea of extracting energy from plants’ sap flow.

The whole show is available to registered users on the HRTi platform, while the WATCHPLANT report can be seen on LARICS YouTube channel. The show is in Croatian.

ACM GoodIT International Conference was celebrated to focus on Application of IT Technologies, like Watch Plant project

A new source of renewable energy from plants is about to be born

A European venture of scientists, technology developers and companies have just started to research on how electricity and relevant information of the environment can be obtained from sap in plants thanks to an experimental and radically innovative technology. The new device will be innocuous for the plant and will have a direct application for the development of environmental monitoring sensors in urban, agricultural and forest areas.