New meeting Online

WatchPlant project celebrates a new meeting

WatchPlant Project celebrated last week an interesting meeting. In its goal of monitoring the environment using living plants, has held an online technical meeting to discuss progress, synergies and next steps between different partners.

Specifically, this meeting aimed to work in a coordinated manner on the progress of the component’s development and the next requirements to be combined to create the WatchPlant multisensor device. Thus, requirements of hardware, software, communication strategies and sensor capabilities have been checked thoroughly. Additionally, WatchPlant look for create a biohybrid system keeping the plant alive so, plant physiology has been carefully reviewed too.

Very promising results for the future use the living organism as sensors of the environment their inhabit will arise soon form this first stage of the project.

Moreover, citizens will be soon able to be aware of the quality of the ambient their inhabit thanks to the advances in the communication capability of the sensors, that will plot our data at real time in WatchPlant website!

Citizens, stakeholders in the industry, environment protection Agencies, and Public Administration will be now closer to the cutting-edge technologies we develop in WatchPlant.

The WatchPlant device is on its way to be a fact!