Celebrated the 4th meeting of WatchPlant

WatchPlant project is at one third of its execution time. Until now, developments in laboratory have run in parallel. The consortium met in Stockholm last week to share the developments achieved and discuss about how to better integrate the different components of the future environmental monitoring system based on a distributed grid of sensors fuelled with energy extracted from the sap of tomato plants. The plant chosen for testing this new technology is tomato (CSIC -IRNAS studies its physiology), and the components developed so far include micro-needles (KTH), biofuel cell (ITE), innovative biosensors (ITE) combined with existing market sensors, numerical modelling of the biofuel cell and biosensor operation (CMS), data collection and processing (UZL), integration of the data in a network approach (FER) feeding an environmental monitoring model using the information provided by the plants responding to environmental stress conditions (CSIC – IDAEA).
This event was celebrated online and face to face, three days of hard working that show the work developed in this first 18 months of Watch Plant project research.