ACM GoodIT International Conference was celebrated to focus on Application of IT Technologies, like Watchplant project

The researcher of Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) in WatchPlant project Laura Garcia Carmona joined in the interesting ACM International Conference between 9th and 11st of September, this is an important european conference celebrated every year were join in important engineers of different fields. It focused on the Application of IT Technologies to social which is tipically definied as an action that provides some sort of benefit to the general public, in several fields such as education, healthcare and environment, all good examples of social goods. Specifically Laura García Carmona has participated in the application of IT to Environmental Intelligence development. Moreover, WatchPlant is part of a collaboration agreement to work jointly in Enviromental Intelligence actions, signed among the five H2020 EIC Parhfinder/FET Proactive funded projects: I-Seed, SMARTLAGOON, RAMONES and ReSET. Attendened to the conference face to face Pietro Manzoni (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia-UPV), Laura Garcia (Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía-ITE), Catia Prandi (University of Bologna), Javier Senent (UPV), and José Mª Cecilia (UPV). The Institute (ITE) leader the WatchPlant project continuous working in the project to add in this topic together with importants partners with specialized knowledge. WatchPlant tries to develop a biohybrid system technology for in-situ self-powered monitoring that allows plants to wear all components and technological interfaces, which results in creating a “Smart biohybrid organisms” for environmental monitoring powerd by clean energy sources. The consortioum is composed by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, experts in microtechnologies; CYBRES, a research center of Advanced Robotics and Environmental Science; CIM-mes Projekt, an engineering company with experience in performing highly specialized design and analysis service; CSIC, the Spanish National Research Council for plant pshysiology (CSIC-IRNAS) and air quality analysis (CSIC-IDAEA); FER, University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing with high expertise in communication capabilities, and LÜBECK University, experts in artificial intelligent and high-quality in departments like computer science/technology and natural sciences.